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"Updated" DQ and the Sharks Concert Dates and Official Website
Concert Dates Update
Dennis and The Sharks have a gig scheduled at the Cine-Space Club on Hollywood Blvd. on Monday February 24th, 2003 at 8 P.M.

Check out DQ and the Sharks official site
Enjoy! Lizzy

"Updated" Concert Dates for Dennis Quaid and the Sharks
Stay tuned for more dates coming soon... Lizzy

~ Keep on Believing in your Dreams and Second Chances~

Thanks to all (Tom, Rosie, Cupid, and Kap) who contributed to the update! Lizzy

D. Q. and the Sharks - CD
D Q and the Sharks CD - available only at the gigs... so, go see the guys gang and get a copy for yourself. It's absolutely wonderful!

Bought his CD! Its called D.Q. and the Sharks live. Cute!
I especially like the cartoon shark that sports a resemblence to DQ's drop dead smile. Songs featured:
Treat Her Right
Not Fade Away
Spill The Wine
She Gave Me Love
Zydeco Man
Can't Fall in Love~DQ original
Whole Lotta Shakin'
Let Go~DQ collaboration
Good Man, Bad Boy~DQ original
Shameless~DQ original
Old Fashion~DQ original
Houndog Blues~DQ original
Slow Down
Great Balls of Fire
So you get several minutes worth of tunes for your fifteen bucks.
DQ -vocals,guitar,and piano on Good Man,Bad Boy
Jamie James-lead guitar,background vocals
Ken Stange-keyboards, harmonica, background vocals
Tom Slik-bass, background vocals
Tom Walsh-Drums

Thanks Hollie for writing this up for us! Lizzy
Music Reviews - CD
Review of DQ and the Sharks CD.
Before I saw Dennis at B.B. Kings I was told about the CD from Claudia, a fan who picked it up in a concert in Memphis. She said it was fabulous, and was she ever right. I have been lucky enough to see Dennis and the Sharks in concert, but for those of you who have not seen him, this is a way to be a part of the crowd.
The lineup of songs is basically the same order as his set, although when I saw him at B.B. Kings he didn't do all of them. The covers of Treat Her Right, Not Fade Away, Spill The Wine, Great Balls Of Fire, Whole Lotta Shaking Going On, Gloria, Slow Down and Matchbox surpass the originals. Dennis gives them more heart and soul in his performance and the Sharks have the music down to a science. Close your eyes and you swear it is the original instumentation. I love Dennis' original compositions. They are heartfelt and upliting, and they show how talented a songwriter Dennis is. I especially love Can't Fall In Love and Shameless. Every song is a winner, and the quality is professional. When he does Good Man, Bad Boy(another original) he talks to the audience and that makes you feel like you are right there. I just wish they had said where and when the concert took place, or if it was a composite of different concerts. I hope Dennis and/or the Sharks contact us here so we can tell the fans where it can be purchased if they can't get to a concert. When we find out, we will let you know.

Concert Reviews
Cupid's Review of Dennis Quaid and the Sharks at B.B. Kings

It was a hot and humid August 1, 2002 in NYC, but the lucky fans who saw Dennis Quaid and the Sharks at B.B. Kings gladly welcomed the heat that the group gave off. My friend Hollie and I were among the sold out crowd and it was a wonderful night. B.B.Kings is a great place to see Dennis, because you can see from all over, and the stage is not too far away. This is the third time I have seen Dennis, (second for Hollie) and every performance is better than the next, if that is possible, because they are all wonderful. Dennis has tremendous energy, and he hit the stage running and hardly stopped for the 1 1/2 hours he played and sang. The Sharks are a marvelous blend of professional musicians, and they complement Dennis perfectly. Dennis and the Sharks play rock and roll, blues, country and covers of rock hits. The covers ( Not Fade Away, Matchbox, Gloria, Wild Thing, Slow Down and of course Great Balls Of Fire and Whole Lotta Shaking Going On) are better than the originals! Dennis and the band have the sound and keys down to a "T". Dennis not only is a talented singer, actor and musician, but a song writer too. His original compositions like Old Fashion, Can't Fall In Love and Good Man Bad Boy are inspired. They have their own distinct style. Closer To You(from The Big Easy) is a sexy ballad, and had me swooning. Dennis interacted with the audience and constantly thanked them. He performed barefoot because he wanted people to feel like he was performing in their living rooms. The enthusiasm of the crowd showed they would be more than happy to accomodate him. After the show, Dennis signed autographs and chatted with the fans, which ranged in age from 8-70 something, males and females almost equally represented. If Dennis and the Sharks ever appear in your area, it is worth the money and the trip to see them. Fans came to B.B. Kings from as far as San Antonio(Lisa), and Germany(Coco and Laura) and as close as Hoboken(Christa) and Elmhurst Queens(Ellen). Look for pictures soon.

Dreams that come true...

The last couple of weeks before I left for Austin. Vicki kept telling me that something really neat was going to happen in Austin.... and it had to do with Dennis - she just "felt" it. She truly believes in SERENDIPITY (best described as a fortunate accident with a sense of humor) and even though I am a hopeful romantic - I just laughed it off.

I was in Austin April 12th - 14th for a TSEA Convention. I was having a blast! I had just been elected President of District 1 and seen the Capital of Texas for the 1st time since I was about 16 years old... so, it's been a while. LOLOL
We walked around and sat on the courtyard steps and I kept thinking - this is the most beautiful place at night. I had forgotten just how beautiful it was at night. I saw a helicopter fly over and land... that was just too cool.
I looked over and noticed a couple standing on a balcony - dark figures - nothing really... but, I remember thinking hmmmm wouldn't it be great if Dennis was in town? As soon as the thought entered my head I dismissed it... because I just don't have that kind of luck. I was just excited about going to see Antones.... Vicki had talked about it so much. I had to go. I've always heard about 6th Street... just never been there. Now, as I found out... Antones is on 5th Street...but, I was determined to go anyway.

Well... we were walking down the street and I looked up and I saw the marqee which read: DENNIS QUAID LOS LONELY BOYS 7PM SAT BOB S.
I couldn't believe it! He was actually going to be there tonite.... how lucky can I get?
Right there and then... I told my friends I was going to the show... they could go do whatever they wanted to...but, I was staying put. I went in to find out when the show would start.... MIDNIGHT - well, this was one Sat night I wasn't turning in early. Who knows when I would get another chance to see Dennis and his band the Sharks play again. So, I went in paid my money got a stamp and told my friends have fun! They said ... if the show doesn't start till Midnight... come with us for an hour. Well, I went... but, I only stayed for about 30 mins. I had to get back - I just knew it would be crowded and since it was standing room only... I wanted to be able to see. Being 5ft 1" doesn't allow you to see over TALL people very well... which is what usually happened to me at concerts. The guys walked me back... they didn't want me to go alone. I appreciated their kindness... told them to be back at 2AM for me and they said ok. I hugged their necks and they left. These are good people... but, all they wanted to do was drink and I had no interest in it. Now, I was going to have some fun!

I walked in and saw a small crowd had already formed around the stage and Los Lonely Boys was still playing... so, I looked around a bit. I know I probably looked like a duck out of water... but, I didn't care.
This was the legendary Antone's and I was there and getting to see Dennis and the Sharks for the very first time. I couldn't wait!
I am a "people watcher" and so, that's what I did... I watched the people. They all seemed to be having a really good time... a few of them were drunk already but still having a good time. I walked around soaking up everything I could...this was one night I never wanted to forget. I bought a black Antone's T-shirt and thought this is perfect! Mannn it can't get any better than this. But, it did!
I was standing there and a man tapped me on the shoulder... and asked me if I would like to sit on the stage. I said, Yes I would. Thank you very much. I then had another guy tap me on the shoulder to who said, "You just got the best seat in the house." He was absolutely right.
It was now Midnight and I was standing there by the stage when they announced Dennis Quaid and the Sharks. The crowd went wild! Dennis was fantastic... he looked great! He had the most energy of any performer I've seen in a very long time.
The crowd went nuts at he was rocking to songs like WILD THING, GLORIA and GREAT BALLS of FIRE. There were alot of others, but, those were the one's I was most familiar with and the one's I remember. I had heard he likes to play barefoot and sure enough he was... he looked like he was having an absolute blast. He was really rockin out! As the concert progressed.... I noticed this blonde standing close by. It was hard not to miss her... she was pretty but she was also drunker than cooter brown. She kept saying... I've GOT TO GO UP THERE.... and DANCE with Dennis. People all around just looked at her. Then she was gone... I thought hmmm she left. About this time, Dennis goes over to the keyboard to play on the other end of the stage. I didn't think anything about it... THEN she re-appeared.
She was standing at the end of the stage... she actually made it on stage and was pretending as if she was going to help Dennis play the keyboard. Dennis being the professional he is... just kept right on going. The next thing you know... two big security men take her off stage. You know.... Dennis has got to be used to this by now. However, I honestly don't know how anyone could get used to that. I thought for sure she was gone for good now.
The show continued... Dennis had intermittenly signed autographs throughout the whole concert. There was one time he'd gone down INTO the middle of the audience but, I couldn't see what he was doing. TOO many people in front of me.
Dennis got back on stage singing his heart out. He put's so much energy and passion in his music.
There were a couple of times... I wondered if he was going to be ok. LOLOL He was really into the music. I'd never seen a show like that in my life. I took pictures and I honestly thought I took more than I did. I kept thinking... I hope these come out because all I had was a Fugi disposable camera. I kept my fingers crossed...and snapped away. (See all the photos from the show in the photo gallery on Dennis Quaid Central if you haven't yet at: )
I just sat there totally mezmerized. This was a very talented group of people. I would recommend the show to anyone. I kept thinking this can't get better than this.
I was watching the show and towards the end of it... I noticed Dennis was signing a few more autographs finished the song and then he left the stage. They came back for an encore. Dennis sang his heart out... you had to know he was a bit horse by now. He was having a great time... I noticed him kissing a couple of girls and of course I am wishing I was them and then the next thing I know... I AM ONE OF THEM! My heart couldn't have beat any faster than it was at that moment... he bent down and gave me a kiss too.
I have to say... he's got the softest lips I believe I've ever kissed. (If he only knew.) WOW! Now, I know it can't get much better than this. BUT it did!
I sat there on the edge of the stage... I have no idea even when they left the stage the second time. I kept thinking... did what just happen... REALLY HAPPEN??? ( It sure did. ) I was in absolute shock... kept pinching myself to see if I was dreaming or not. All I could think of at that moment was... Vicki was right! If I didn't believe in SERENDIPTIY and dreams coming true before. I do now.
I thought for sure it couldn't get BETTER than this... BUT it did!

If I wasn't before, I was now even more determined to meet Dennis. I wanted to get a picture with him and his autograph... to remember that wonderful kiss by. I sat and waited with the rest of the fans... about that time... my group came in looking for me.
David said... Ok... shows over...gotta go. I said, NO WAY! I am staying till I get a picture and autograph... they all laughed at me...and said OK. Do you need someone to take the picture? I said, Yes... thanks! So, they waited with me.
Then Dennis finally came out... and I asked him if I could have a picture taken with him.. he said, Sure. He was signing a few more autographs. This lady kept getting in the way... and finally David physically MOVES her out of the way... and snaps a picture. I thanked Dennis for everything and told him about DQC and that we had sent him a birthday card and I hoped he had gotten it. He said he didn't know, but, he would look for it. I said, Thanks again...he smiled and said Your welcome....and I turned around and said... OK gang... I am ready to go now. They all laughed at me... ohhh now she's READY !
I was smiling ear to ear...and floated all the way out the door. I was high on Cloud 9
and no way was I coming down anytime soon.
I thanked my friends for being so patient and allowing me to stay and see the show. I hugged them all... and we walked out front... I skipped all the way to the pickup. My knee was feeling great and so was I.
It was all thanks to meeting Dennis... it was certainly a dream come true.

Lizzy and Dennis at Antone's in Austin --->

Bits and Pieces
Dennis Quaid has a great reputation with employees at the clubs where his band, The Sharks, plays and for good reason. Unlike SOME performers, down-to-earth Dennis doesn't expect drinks on the house just because he's a big star. And he always picks up the tab for his group. It's particularly commendable because Quaid, who's divorced from Meg Ryan, usually drinks water or tea, but his band-mates and entourage like to indulge, so, he's often left with a tab in the hundreds.
-STAR Magazine...June 13, 2002

<--Lizzy and Tom Walsh at Antone's in April 2002
Swimming with the Sharks

DQ and the Sharks - Concert pics
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More Pics

More Pics